#Yellow Helmet Challenge - Labour Arty
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#Yellow Helmet Challenge

Take up the #YellowHelmetChallenge, and say hello to a migrant worker!

The #YellowHelmetChallenge is a campaign by Labour Arty to foster friendships between Singaporeans and migrant workers. By taking an Augmented-Reality (AR) self-portrait while wearing a yellow safety helmet –  we encourage locals to strike up a conversation with foreign construction workers, who constitute part of the 1.4 million total foreign workforce in Singapore. 

Through recognising and thanking them for contributing to the cityscape, the campaign aims to build understanding between different communities in Singapore.



Our Partners

Our official partner, is an NGO that seeks to meet the needs of migrant workers in our community through the provision of medical care, counselling, case work, social assistance and other support services. Over the years, Healthserve has developed partnerships with many organisations to initiate public health awareness programs and research projects. To find out more, volunteer, or refer a migrant worker case, please visit www.healthserve.org.sg or call +65 67439774.

Dude Studios is an Art and Technology collective of artists and coders with a passion for Virtual and Augmented Reality. They are the whizz kids who created the #YellowHelmetChallenge Instagram filter.